Chill vibes only: dive into the world of PSAUNA, where sauna tents and ice baths collide for the ultimate cool experience. We’re a tight-knit crew fueled by 100% volunteer power, on a mission to amp up your mental and physical game.

Welcome to the Freeze Zone
Started with one guy and a sauna; grew into something epic. We’re not delusional – ice baths and saunas aren’t everyone’s cup of hot cocoa. But for those who get it, welcome to the cool side of life. Join us Sundays from 12-3 PM during the winter season. Take the plunge in our ice-carved hole, then bask in the warmth of a soothing sauna. Check our booking details for specific times.

More Than a Dip: A Winter Wellness Oasis
Our name says it all. PSAUNA isn’t just about ice bathing; it’s a mental health superhero. Research shows dopamine boosts, stress mastery, and resilience-building – all in one icy package. For those skeptical of icy waters, our sauna access is a game-changer. Blend it with a lakeside stroll after skiing or skating – a quick dip, a sauna, and you’re golden.

Where Warmth Meets Water: A Social Hub
A fully booked PSAUNA Sunday will have a total of 50 people partaking throughout the day. Whether you’re solo or coming with friends, there’s always someone to chat with. We will have a fire going for those who want to grill.

Ready to make a splash with us? 🌊